Q: Does acupuncture hurt?

A: No. In most cases you do not feel the needle enter the skin. The needles I use are the diameter of a single strand of hair. Once the needle is in the skin, it is manipulated until you feel either a very mild electrical sensation or a warm sensation. Most of my patients report feeling relaxed and usually fall asleep.

Q: How deep do the needles go in?

A: The depth of the needle placement depends on the nature of the problem being treated; the location of the points selected; the patient's age, constitution and size; Depth may vary between 0.2 millimeters to 5 inches. In any case, the degree of discomfort is the same - painless.

Q: Does acupuncture actually work?

A: Acupuncture has been in existence in the East for approximately 3,000 years. Today, in Asian hospitals, it is still the treatment of choice for non-life threatening medical problems because it has no adverse side effects on the body. Every day more Western doctors are referring patients to an acupuncturist to relieve a variety of symptoms that modern medicine is unable to help. Athletes are turning to acupuncture for the quick relief of pain; cancer patients for the relief of pain and side effects of Chemotherapy; workers for the relief of backaches and carpal tunnel syndrome; and pregnant mothers for the relief of morning sickness.

Q: How can Herbal Medicine help me?

Herbal Medicine functions on two basic levels. One is general health and overall maintenance, and the other is specific herbs/formulas to treat specific diseases. The first category most people are already familiar with on some level. Ginger tea, ginseng root, green tea, tumeric.. etc.. These herbs function mainly as “tonics” and help the body to stay healthy and are commonly mentioned in popular media. The second level is the usually the job of an Herbalist. This is where the knowledge of how to combine medicinal substances is essential. By combining the right herbs, with correct dosages, I can treat many serious diseases.




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